There is a place in the world that is often confused with paradise.
A place where the waters are transparent, the people charming, the sun shines brightly and where culture breathes in every corner.
It is the island of Cuba, the ultimate treasure


Punta Colorada Golf & Marina Cuba owes its size and personality to the unique geographical characteristics that shape the region and to the distinct global scale of the project, that quite naturally brings together different aspects to harness true enjoyment and leisure, in their broadest forms.

This is a unique project, based on the tourism, economic and productive development of a geographical zone that is of great value to Cuba and the Caribbean in general, at a historic and unique moment in time for the island.

It is a project that will be a world reference, not only for its concept, but also for its exclusivity, quality and design.

Punta Colorada Golf & Marina Cuba presents the opportunity to tie quality tourism, a lover of relaxation and nature, in with the practice of thematic activities especially related to golf and watersports, interspersed with a range of superlative gastronomic choices and a first-rate cultural catalogue, at both a national and international level.

Our boutique hotels, where luxury goes hand-in-hand with relaxation, contact with nature and the outstanding quality of our services and products are the best calling card that we can present our clients. The delicacy and authenticity of the products offered in our restaurants, presented in dishes temptingly made with patience and individuality, will be our best advertising campaign.


Visiting Punta Colorada Golf & Marina Cuba means falling in love and coming back for more. And for those who want to return again and again, we will have the largest current range of real estate properties on offer in the Caribbean. Our portfolio will feature various property options in a prime location, always with views to the greens on the fairways, to the sea or lakes, or both.

Villas, houses and apartments, designed with different architectural typologies and the highest-quality standards in their construction, their materials and their associated services. Real estate units where the end customer is the sole and perpetual owner.

The project will benefit from an exceptional travel and communications network. Thanks to the excellent accessibility of the San Julián International Airport, air travel with the rest of the world will be a snap.

Connectivity and new technologies are another great ally that will allow tradition and modernity, leisure and business networking to be brought together in one single location surrounded by tranquillity.




In the luxury sailing sector in the Caribbean, Punta Colorada Golf & Marina Cuba will have more than 1,400 berths, between marinas and private pontoons. There will also be a terminal for large tourist cruise ships, as a major port of arrival for visitors to the island of Cuba, and finally, one of the three best dry docks in the world to offer inspection, repair and quality controls to mega-yachts.

Consistent with these exceptional quality and excellence standards, the project will enjoy an ambitious publicity and marketing plan, with the aim of positioning the Punta Colorada Golf & Marina Cuba brand as the best golf and marina destination in the world.